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Cycle around Zadar region - town tour

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When I was for the first time (10 years ago) in Zadar region I noticed , besides beautiful islands, food, and climate, a huge number of bicycles and cyclists. Now, 10 years later, the situation has even improved for two-wheelers enthusiasts. This time we will skip all monuments, food and wine places and let's focus on how to cycle around in Zadar region.

The city of Zadar is located in Northern Dalmatia region and it's a capital city of the Zadar County. Getting to Zadar is so easy from any direction within Croatia. If you are coming from Zagreb or from the Croatian mainland you should use national highway (A1). If coming from Split or Dubrovnik go for A1 highway - it's the best option. To start cycling around you should be aware that the best time to do it is between May and October; that people are friendly and hospitality is guaranteed. So, let's start! The first route would be from the city of Zadar down the road to Biograd na Moru and it's only 35km long. On that way, you will cycle down the Jadranska magistrala (Adriatic highway) and just a few meters from the water.


Fresh air, perfect views and summer breeze while you are on a bike are the combination that is nothing else but - perfect. Down the road, you will have places where to rest and where to make a break or even camp. I would suggest visiting small but cute places like Sukošan, Sveti Petar na Moru and Sveti Filip i Jakov. Each of these places has the campsite and nice small beaches just to recharge the batteries. But also, on the way, nobody will prevent you from parking your bike, sitting on the cliff, going to the beach and watching the sunset which is one of the best on the Adriatic sea. Also, accommodation in those places is cheap since it's considered as a countryside and "far from the city center" - but on your bike nothing is far away. If you are in Zadar by chance and without a bike, no worries, there are a lot of places to rent one. Please, keep an eye on other cars and buses on the road since the traffic can be pretty crowded. And let me add, the's no so many places to stop on the way so use those small towns as a bike-pit-stop and then continue.


PS. This is my city and "highway" bike route, next will be Cycle around Zadar region - nature tour.

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