Dan Brown's Inferno: a guide to discover Florence, capital of Renaissance

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Inferno is a blockbuster thriller, written by Dan Brown in 2013, whose action partly takes place in Florence. The reading of this novel makes you discover some mysterious and other well-known historic spots across the Italian capital of Renaissance. The story contains a plethora of references to Dante’s Divina Commedia, founding narrative poem of Italian literature and one of the world’s literature greatest works ever. This novel of Dan Brown remained on top of "best-seller" rankings for weeks, and got later adapted into a movie. You did not have the chance yet to visit Florence and are seriously thinking about that? This novel will be your buddy along the way.

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Nicolas Casula

Nicolas Casula

I got the travel virus when taking a 5-months travel break a few years ago. I believe that every place, every area is worth unveiling. Beauty lies everywhere.

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