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Davit Sarajishvili – a father of world-class Georgian cognac

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His surname and his brand are famous not only in Georgia but all over the wold. I am sure that you have heard of Georgian Cognac Sarajishvili. However, not many people know the story behind this name, so in this article, I’m going to present you Davit Sarajishvili, a great person, philanthropist and father of world-class cognac.

A story of Davit & his cognac factory

Davit Sarajishvili, born in Tbilisi, was a patriot who loved the charity work. After he graduated from the Gymnasium, Davit continued his studes in St. Petersburg. In 1871, he graduated from another university in German and got a PhD in chemistry and philosophy. Seven years after, Davit traveled to France, where he got a full education in the viticulture and wine-making. He was especially interested in the cognac production. After he came back to Georgia, Davit built a cognac factory in 1888.

Sarajishvili was using only Georgian materials in the production of cognac but it was made by the French technology. Soon, this brand became very famous. By 1900, Sarajishvili's factory produced 218,200 bottles of cognac. In the period of 1889-1913, Sarajishvili's cognac and liquor got nine golden, as well as five silver and bronze medals in different international exhibitions.

Unfortunately, Davit did not have children, but he was always saying: “I am not childless, as children that are growing now for the better future of our country are mine as well.” Davit proved his words and personality after his death. Everybody was pleasantly surprised when they read his testament.

Sarajishvili left the majority of his fortune to Georgia, including the house on the Machabeli Street, that Davit left to the writers and artists. Also, his money, around three million rubles (our currency at that time) was given away to the different charity organizations. The whole city mourned him. The grateful people said goodbye to him with a significant respect.

On the day of his funeral, all shops were closed, and all theater performances were cancelled. Mitrofan Lagidze (the founder of "Lagidze Waters") respected Davit Sarajishvili very much. He put stands from Machabeli Street to the Mtatsminda Pantheon, and he was inviting people to have the Lagidze Water for free. It was for all people who were taking part in the funeral ceremony of Sarajishvili. That is how people expressed their respect and love on the last journey of one of the greatest Georgians.

Mtatsminda Pantheon
Mtatsminda Pantheon
Mama Daviti Rise, Tbilisi, Géorgie
Writers' House of Georgia
Writers' House of Georgia
13 Ivane Machabeli St, Tbilisi, Georgia

In 1995, Davit’s and his wife’s graves were moved from the Pantheon to the Kashveti Church. Davit had a huge role in the construction of this church as well.

Kashveti church in Tbilisi
Kashveti church in Tbilisi
9 Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi 0108, Géorgie

The factory today

Nowadays, the factory has the same name. New owners also kept the logo of the cognac, the Caucasian tur that was chosen by Davit in the past. It is a symbol of strength, cleanliness and flexibility. The factory is divided into several sections. In one of these sectors, they are saving all the cognacs that are made by Davit himself. People call this place a “Heaven”, as it is a memory of him. Sarajishvili Cognac is produced by the French technology until present day. That is why it is so unique, and has a high quality. It is exported in 20 countries of four continents.

JSC Sarajishvili
JSC Sarajishvili
4 David Sarajishvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Now you know the story about Davit Sarajishvili, known as a father of world-class Georgian cognac. While drinking Sarajishvili Cognac, you will feel its uniqueness. Also, you will understand why this brand is the favorite one among Georgians.

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