Diamond-shaped building in Skopje

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While I was a student at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje, students had a story about the main post office and why it looks so. It looks very futuristic.

The author, Janko Konstantinovski, says that when they started the first sketches for the building, they started from the following assumption: in the center of Skopje to realize an artwork - architecture-splendor, will be a precious gesture, for the city, and at the same time for visitors. The Main Post Office is a special experience in terms of interior shaping space.

Post-earthly Skopje set high architectural goals that in that period produced excellent architectural and urban activities and this building which was built in 1979 represents an extraordinary sample of an endangered and bold move that was characteristic for that period.

Let's go back to the student version of the story of the occurrence of this building. The project was designed in the shape of a engagement ring, so the architect asked his girlfriend to merry him with this building. This legend spread among students as the highest reach in the romantic moves ever performed. We never found out if the girl said yes, but it is a great start for “they lived happily ever after” type of a story!

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