Discover the floating islands of Vlasina lake

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Vlasina lake is a true natural gem, where both the mind and the body can relax and reconnect. There are natural springs all over the area, numerous rare plants, and probably more than 50 shades of green. The main hidden treasure of Vlasina lake is located inside the lake itself. It’s the rare natural phenomenon of floating islands that move around the lake at their own pace and direction. There are around 30 of these small islands freely moving around the water.

Why are the islands in Vlasina Lake floating

The floating lakes of Vlasina took a couple of thousands of years to form. It’s the slow process of subsiding of the peat moss in the swamp terrain. The lake was created during the 50s when Serbs built a dam on the nearby river. The swamp was filled with water and parts of the ground just detached from the bottom and remained as a whole - the numerous floating islands that we see today. The islands now cruise the lake in all the directions and two years ago the biggest island, called Moby Dick, almost reached the land. This resulted in many people rushing towards Vlasina lake to capture this memorable moment.

The best of Vlasina Lake

Vlasina is located at 1200m altitude. The surrounding area is full of the real wilderness. There are three mountaintops forming a thick green hedge around the lake. Nearby is a natural spring of the mineral water of the highest quality. The water from here is bottled and distributed throughout the country as Rosa, one of best selling water brands in the area. But if you are around here you can treat yourself with the premium quality water at no cost at all.

On one side of the lake, there is a so-called adrenaline trail, with logs sticking out of the water and similar obstacles. You can also rent a water scooter, a paddle boat or a rubber boat and go around the floating island discovering the beauty of nature at it purest and exploring the water labyrinths of Vlasina Lake.

Vlasina lake
Vlasina lake
Vlasina Lake, Serbia

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