Discover the grand view of Barcelona at Bunkers del Carmel

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At the top of the city, at Bunkers del Carmel, you will discover some incredible bunkers that the military used back in the days. It is now used for viewing Barcelona in a larger frame. It truly has a grand view with interesting views in 360 degrees.

The North-Norwegian version of this is the haunted bunkers of Narvik.

A little bit of history

They built the bunkers during the Spanish civil war. They had war machines who shot down the flying war machines. After that, it was used by homeless people in Barcelona since they had little money for housing. The people made an improvised town up here. In the 90s, Barcelona was cleaning up the city and gave the people who lived here real houses. This was because of the Olympic Games that were coming.

Why the Bunkers del Carmel is the cure of your stressful existence

See yourself walking in the streets of a busy city. People are rushing and people are stressed. They might even walk into your shoulder. The cars are loud, there are construction workers making noise. You hear a dog who doesn't like you and you step in its waste. On top of that, the traffic light man is always red when you want to pass. This is the narrow view of Barcelona. It is very necessary, don't get me wrong. You need the close-up view of things to have a full picture, too. Bunkers del Carmel will remove all these stressful occurrences. It gives you a wide view. People are not in your way anymore, it is silent here, the view is very big and therefore unusual and interesting. I would even argue it makes you smarter to live here. Because you have the silence to think. We have to focus on our surroundings way more when we are threatened by cars and people who want to go exactly where we are standing. Get a full view of Barcelona and have a hiking tour up to Bunkers del Carmel.

Popularity grows

The bunkers are becoming more and more popular today. Locals already know about them. The tourist is getting more informed these days, too.

The bunkers themselves look old and scrappy. The way up is very modern and fresh looking. There's a museum here too, and it looks super clean, too.

Make your food taste really good

For making an incredible taste of your food, just have a picnic here. When you make the goal to get up here and succeed in that, the food will taste really good. It will be a reward to your body.

Bunkers del Carmel
Bunkers del Carmel
Carrer de Marià Labèrnia, s/n, 08032 Barcelona, Spania

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