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The city I’m about to present is one of the most picturesque cities of Greece, Kavala. Built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mt. Symvolo, Kavala and its port is actually forming one of the most graphic landscape destinations in Greece.

The city’s breeze sweeps through its historic buildings, which perfectly reflect the city’s modern character. Walk around in the city, visit its archaeological monuments, interact with the locals, explore and try its cuisine and of course get rest while grabbing a cold coffee and enjoying the view offered on its popular coffee and restaurant spots!!!

On this page, you have the chance to explore all the cultural things to do in Kavala along with a list of must-see spots. Do not forget that it’s only 2 hours driving away from Thessaloniki, therefore if you have a free day it’s definitely a worth visiting destination! Plus you can combine this page with the "Xanthi's" one and visit both cities at the same time !

Here's a list with some cultural things to do in Kavala along with a few significant must-see spots!

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Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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