Discovering Cascais beaches! part II: the Estoril coastline

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The parish of Cascais has plenty of great beaches for you to discover, and some of the most popular are in Estoril. Every summer, locals and tourists alike rush to these fantastic spots, one after the other, and there are plenty to choose from along the entire coastline! There's activity, sports, entertainment and plenty of restaurants and bars scattered following the seaside pathways and roads, so you are sure to have a great time even outside the water and all through the night. There are huge crowded beaches but cosy sandstrips hidden from sight aswell. You can choose to enjoy an oceanic pool instead of a regular beach, or lay your towel on rocky platforms for some therapeutic relaxation. It's up to you! So here they are:

Around the Cascais city center, there is a surprising amount of great beaches to be found. Over a long extension you can enjoy the urban seaside, with big sandstrips, and there is also a tiny marvel hidden in plain sight. You are close to the streets if you need to take a break from the sun, and just walking along the shoreline is great, under the occasional trees passing by big villas, and watching the sea and fishing boats. This is the area that will be most crowded, but there is a reason for that!

Going further east, the sandy shoreline does not stop! The beaches get progressively bigger, with the seaside pathways extending more and more. They can still become very populated with beach goers in the holidays, but they are generally calmer and offer more tranquility. As usual, the big villas and touristic appartments complete the summer ambiance of the area.

Like the ones before, this last bunch of beaches provide fantastic alternatives to the more 'touristic' ones near the city center. The seas are calm, the sandstrips now get a touch of pebbles from the rocky cliffs, and the sights are always great. The last one, Praia de Carcavelos, delights locals and foreigners along its entire extension, divided in smaller parts.

And so we reach the end of this list of beaches in Cascais, along the Estoril coast. If you want to discover some more great spots in Cascais, following the coastline up towards the Sintra coast, check out part 1 of this inspiration with more amazing beaches!

When passing by the portuguese coast, don't just enjoy the beach, take the opportunity for a little walk, follow the coastal trails and paths with superb views, and check out the nearby villages and cities. Have a nice trip and a fantastic time at the beach!

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