Destination Marketing Organisations

As a DMO, your mission is to continuously promote your area, city or region and make it more visible online. You are looking for a solid partner that can help you attract more visitors by

  • Addressing a global audience of travelers;
  • Bringing into light specific thematics that are the flagship of your area (e.g. folklore, gastronomy, nature);
  • Communicating on some events or happenings around you.

itinari, international travel inspiration platform, could be the perfect fit. The pulsing heart of itinari is its community of editors, all passionate travelers or proud locals. Spread across Europe, they like to share Stories, experiences about the places they know best.

What we offer you

  • We produce “guided” Stories on your behalf, we publish them on itinari;
  • Our editors hold the pen: the style matches itinari standards;
  • You are free to orient and guide the content, thematics, publication time, and select the Places you want to see referenced in the Stories;
  • We share the Stories on our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Are you interested ? Just send a mail to We will get back to you in no time.