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Do you want to visit Hell? In Norway

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Travel Tips For Stjørdal

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With around 1600 people, an actual Norwegian village is named Hell. Common jokes include: ''Welcome to Hell'', ''See you in Hell'', ''Hell is freezing over'', and the request from concerned parents who live here: ''Why don't you do like us and move to Hell?''

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The appeal of this town is because of the name that's frequently associated with warm temperatures. Then comes the contrast with the pre-arctic coldness you find in this area, and you might have seen the photo of ice covering the road sign that says ''Hell''.

Fun facts

In 1995, there was a highway to Hell, which is now going around the village instead. An interesting sign was put up next to the train track. It says ''Hell Gods Expedition'', which is supposed to mean ''Goods inspection''. This is the old way of writing this and has become a tourist attraction.

You can get one of those postcards which shows you the road sign that says Hell and the sign covered with ice in -20 with a caption like: ''Hell has frozen over''.

Blues in Hell

Blues in Hell is a festival which happens every year and brings blues lovers from all over Europe to meet in Hell. In 2010, you could hear a blues version of Highway to Hell with jokes in between about the old highway through the town. The same year it was awarded as one of the best blues festivals in Norway.

Blues in Hell festival
Blues in Hell festival
Sandfærhus 22, 7500 Stjørdal, Norway

Hell mall

A tiny bit outside of Hell you'll find a mall with the same name as the village. Technically this is not Hell, although very close. Maybe they are not meaning ''Hell'' as the place name and are referring to something else.

Mall in Hell
Mall in Hell
Hell Kjøpesenter, Sandfærhus 24, 7502 Stjørdal, Norway

Hell Grill

For a noteworthy barbeque experience, we have the ''Hell Grill'' which has fast food for truck drivers and the like. What you won't see a lot are businesses who play around with devil caricatures and designs. The name itself is a strong enough element to make the viewer think deeper without needing direct methods of communication as aforementioned.

Hell grill
Hell grill
7517 Hell, Norway

Church of Hell'

Stjørdal chruch
Stjørdal chruch
Sandgata 15, 7500 Stjørdal, Norway

A common question is ''Is there a church in Hell?''. To this day, you won't find a church under the name ''Hell Church''. You have the ''Værnes church'' and ''Stjørdal church'' on the other side of the water. The tourists are often requesting for the church of Hell.

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Kai Bonsaksen

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