Dresden: Florence at the Elbe

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Dresden, located in the East Germany, is an important tourist route for Baroque architecture and World class museum lovers. After the World War II, Dresden has risen from its ashes like no other and now it is the perfect city for history and innovation. Dresden is not only famous by its beautiful banks of the Elbe river, it also hosts the famous painting The Sistine Madonna by Raphael Sanzio and many more. If you want to mesmerize by its beautiful architecture and its splendid scenery, here are the top 5 things to do in Dresden!

The most iconic Church of Germany : The Frauenkirche

It is not only a mesmerizing building from outside, the Frauenkirche has also beautiful interiors. This outstanding church was built to be as a Catholic church but due to Reformation, it became Protestant. During the World War II, the church was bombed and didn't reconstruct for a while because of the communist era. After the reunification of Germany, it has rebuilt and reopened in 2005. It is now one of the most beautiful symbols of the German Reunification. The church also hosts concerts and musical events every year. You have to see the Frauenkirche at night with the amazing lightings. *sigh*

The finest Baroque Palace: The Zwinger

This exquisite palace from 1728 is now hosting three museums. If you are not a big museum fan, it has also a lovely inner courtyard with pavilions and graceful fountains. Inside the Zwinger, you can find Dresden Porcelain Collection, Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments and of course the Old Masters Picture Gallery which displays the famous painting The Sistine Madonna.

The most important Opera House in Germany: Semperoper

The Opera House was destroyed during the World War II (like the rest of Dresden) and reconstructed in 1985 and reopened with the same piece that was performed before its destruction. Not only for the musical events, Semperoper also offers multiple tours that you can view the interior. It is located on Dresden's Theatherplatz which is an amazing public square. You can buy the tickets online or at the box office at the front of the square.

The World's largest Porcelain Mural: The Procession of Princes ; Fürstenzug

This porcelain mural is a 101-meter long portrait of the Dukes, Kings and the Electors together in a parade. It is composed of 24,000 tiles from Meissen which is a porcelain manufacturer. It has also an amazing view at night with the same lightings :)

Get to know the Region more with the Steamboats along the Elbe River

The whole region is a former World Heritage Site but after the bridge was finished, it got revoked. But it shouldn't be holding you back from taking a river cruise because still, the view is explicit. You can take short trips or couple of day trips and explore the region with Dampferfahrt.

If you want to explore this amazing city, you can create a trip on itinari now! Here is the list of activities in Dresden :)

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