Cover picture credits © peuceta
Cover picture credits © peuceta

Drinking wine in Apulia

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Thanks to the warm temperate climate, there is a big variety of grapes, which makes Puglia one of the biggest wine producers in Italy. With an over 107 000-hectare vineyard area and an annual production of 8-10 Million hectolitres of wine, Apulia produces the largest amount of wine -together with Sicilia and Veneto- throughout Italy.

Apulia used to be known as a "wine storage", producing large amounts of wine, mixed and sold in the market along with more famous Italian and European brands. However, there has been a shift of quality in the last years, and wine makers shifted from focusing on quantity to the quality of their production. Consequently, Apulia has currently 4 DOCGs, 29 DOCs and 6 IGTs, which are recognised worldwide as "good Italian quality".

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The most famous grape is the Primitivo (also my favorite 😊); the wines made out of it have generally a high alcoholic percentage and are full-bodied. The most widely grown grape throughout Apulia is the Negroamaro, which is a strong, slightly bitter grape, famous for its usage in the making of intense red and rosé wines.

Wine is the answer. What was the question?

Currently the white wine production in Apulia is less than 20% of the total production, however it couldn't be but considered equally important. The most popular local white wine grapes are the Verdeca and Bombino Bianco, which are also internationally acknowledged.

Where to enjoy wine

Most restaurants have a wine card, and specifically in Apulia, the house wines are usually very good. However, if you're looking for more specific wines and you feel like getting some "expert recommendations", then an “Enoteca” is the right place to be. An enoteca is a mix of a little culinary establishment, a wine shop and delicatessen store. For sure, that's the place where the best local wines can be found!

Enoteca Mamma Elvira
Enoteca Mamma Elvira
Via Umberto I, 19, 73100 Lecce LE, Italien

How to enjoy wine

Whenever you order wine in Apulia, chances are that the waiter will most likely ask you whether you want some appetizers with it (in Italian: Volete qualcosa da stuzzicare?). A typical Apulian snack, while drinking wine, are the so called “Taralli”. They are comparable with grissini, but those ones are usually found in a round shape; they're made out of flour, olive oil, white wine and salt. Together with taralli, olives are also a typical snack to be enjoyed with wine, especially in the south.

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Sandra Marx

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