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Durmitor - the most magnificent

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It was an ancient place of rest for Greek Gods; Second Olympus some would say. It was a home to fairies and winged horses. Today, they live only in myths and legends. Still, if you happen to hear a song of fairies while walking the broad valleys of Durmitor or thunder of horses while sleeping in a tent under some of its sharp peaks, don't be afraid. Just remember that you're in the most magnificent mountain in Montenegro, where fairy tales are just an ordinary thing. Welcome to Durmitor!

Durmitor National Park is the largest of five national parks in Montenegro and the only one protected by UNESCO. With its 48 peaks over 2000 m, 5 canyons of which the Tara river canyon is the deepest and most beautiful in Europe, 18 glacial lakes, numerous valleys and caves, this National Park has impressive diversity and offers wide range of activities.

Its fauna and flora have exceptional values. Wolfs, deer, lynx and bears live here together with weasels, squirrels and otters. There are more than 160 bird species of whom almost all are protected. As a result of presence of rivers Tara and Piva there are different species of fish which allows sport fishing. As for flora, there are more than 100 endemic species of whom some can be found only in area of Durmitor.

Durmitor mountain

Among the mountain giants of the south-Slavic countries, the most powerful and most magnificient is Durmitor

That's how Kurt Hassert, German geographer saw this mountain range, part of Dinaric Alps. Its highest peak is Bobotov Kuk (2,523 m) from which most of Montenegrin mountains are visible as well as some peaks in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are plenty of possibilities for hiking as Durmitor is one of the best marked mountain in Europe. Very well-maintained hiking paths with a total length of 500 km are leading to the highest points of the massif.

During winter Durmitor is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding. The main ski resort is Savin Kuk (2,010 m). Ski slopes are family friendly and any level of skier can enjoy this activity while being surrounded by mesmerizing scenery.

Mountain eyes

Have you ever heard that a mountain has eyes?! No? Well, in Durmitor you can see your own reflection in the crystal clear waters of 18 lakes which are known as ''Gorske oci'' (Mountain eyes).

The largest and the most attractive is Black lake, only 3 km away from mountain town Zabljak. Abundant forest around the lake reflects in the water and colors the lake with different shades of black color. The other 17 lakes are not less impressive, but I'll leave to you to come and decide which one is your favorite!

Tara canyon

Tara river canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe (second in the world after Arizona's Grand Canyon). It is 82 km long and is 1,300 meters at its deepest. The beauty of its depth, high cliffs and crystal blue water leave everyone breathless. It's also a well-known paradise for adventure seekers as it offers different kind of activities such as rafting, jeep-safari, zip-lining and canyoning.

It is almost impossible to bring all the beauty of Durmitor with only one article, but I hope you now have an idea of diversity that characterize this area. So, WELCOME and don't forget - if you happen to hear a song of fairies or thunder of winged horses, don't be afraid. Just remember that fairy tales are here just an ordinary thing.

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Katarina Kalicanin

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