Efteling, an actual Dutch fairy tale

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Have you ever dreamed as a child of a land where your parents had to listen to everything you say and ask of them? Well I certainly did. I remember visiting this amusement park in the Netherlands as a child and hearing this speech in the beginning of the park of how the children rule in the amusement park. Followed (of course) by the warning that once we would leave, our parents had control again, so we had to be careful to not be rude or bossy to them in the park.


The nicest thing about the park is that it has attractions for small children and also for adults. If you love roller coasters for example then this is the place to be for you. The most scary ride they have is the one called "Baron 1898". (see picture below) It is really steep and dives into this hole in the ground that is dark with white damp coming out from it that gives it this extra scary vibe to it. But it is really fun:) . Another one called "George and the dragon" exists of two wooden coasters on different rails that race against each other. One is based on water and the other on fire. It does is fun to kind of hope to arrive earlier then the other coaster (even though you can't do anything to actually go faster or slower).

Fairy Tale Forest

In the Fairy Tale Forest, you can find multiple fairy tales depicted in animated houses and statues, together with music and voiced animations. This is a lot of fun for young and old if you like fairy tales, and you might even discover a few that you did not know before. For example the story about the girl with the red shoes that couldn't stop dancing. And others are classic ones that you probably will known, such as the story about the little mermaid.

Take your time

Just take your time to walk through the park and enjoy the many attractions and decorations everywhere. The park itself is easily reachable by car and there are a lot of signposts everywhere so you can,t miss it. And if you want to come by public transport, then you can take a bus to the Efteling at the train station in Tilburg. You are also allowed to bring food with you to the park and to eat it in one of the pick nick areas they offer.

And if you wonder what is written on the plaque in the picture below: "Fearless dragonstriders, listen to what king asks of you. The brave person that manages to kill the dragon will receive 1001 ducats. To every knight who reads this: Ride forth to kill the beast!. It is one of the decorations around the roller coaster "George and the dragon".

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Eline Melis

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