El Cami de Cavalls; 7 days trekking in Menorca

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Since I’ve been buzzing with excitement and spamming all my friends on social media about my recent trip to Menorca, now that it’s all over, (snif), I decided to dedicate a whole page to this awesome place and specifically to the amazing trekking options that the island offers. And yes, that’s the Cami de Cavals route; the island of Menorca, declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is one of the last paradises left in the Mediterranean. Its diversity of landscapes makes it an excellent place for practicing nature sports.

Camí de Cavalls 360º route will let you follow its entire coast, mainly virgin, and live an adventure through almost every ecosystem in the Mediterranean world. But what is it? And where it takes you? Well, Camí de Cavalls 360º runs through an ancient path of 185 km long that surrounds Menorca following its coast. It crosses gullies, rocky zones, valleys, wetland and farming areas; it connects ancient watchtowers, lighthouses and trenches, and it leads to a great deal of coves and spots of the island. Decidedly, it is the best way to discover the natural wealth and heritage of the island. The path is divided in 20 different stages, each of them between 5 and 14 km. All the start and arrival points can be gained access to by road traffic, making possible to cover only one or some stages of the path at a time.

Let’s now explore together a few suggested stages that will definitely take your breath away! Personally on this page, I will show how you would be able to do the walk yourself in 7 days around Menorca!

You don’t need to be super fit to hike the Cami de Cavalls – you just need to be willing to enjoy the coastal landscapes of Menorca for a week! The views will reward you!

... sneak peak in the video below ;)

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Chrisa Lepida

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