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El Matadero - A cultural wander

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Travel Tips For Madrid

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If you ever find yourself in Madrid "looking for some culture", then El Matadero is the place to be! I’m pretty sure that you haven’t really heard about it and now you’re wondering. How can I find “culture” in one place? Well, you can’t really find culture, after all it’s not a concept to be found, but you can certainly experience it! El Matadero is a center of contemporary creation promoted by the ministry of sports, arts, and tourism located in Madrid since 2007. It’s the house of multiple forms of artistic expression while its fundamental objective is to promote the citizen’s dialogue and exchange of ideas.

El Matadero, Madrid
El Matadero, Madrid
Legazpi - Matadero, 28045 Madrid, Spain

El Matadero is a living and changing space at the service of creative processes, participatory artistic training and dialogue between the arts. It was born with the will to contribute to the reflection on the contemporary sociocultural environment and with the vocation to support the processes of construction of the culture of the present and the future.

It’s a space inviting the citizens to participate, to discuss, to create, to learn and of course to enjoy! Located at the Madrid district of Arganzuela next to the Manzanares River,(which functions as a natural border between the center and the south of the city), it is easily accessible with the city’s public transportation.

Madrid Rio Park, Madrid
Madrid Rio Park, Madrid
Madrid Río, Puente de Toledo, 28019 Madrid, Spain

Very frequently you might encounter with artistic exhibitions of all kind; graffitis, graphic design, new technologies, paintings, music, cinema, conferences, meditation, film viewings and any expression of art that comes to mind, can be found in Matadero.

At the same time, many cafeterias & restaurants as well as co-working spaces can be found around the area! If you’re a freelancer feeling lazy working at home then El Matadero, as I previously said, is the place to be! Great internet connection, comfy sofas, great sandwiches around the corner and of course great atmosphere and energy all over!

Don’t miss the chance to visit it and discover Madrid’s hidden culture and creativity! I’m pretty sure that you’ll meet interesting people around and that you’ll definitely have some interesting conversations over there! Happened to me, why not to you too?!

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