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My dear Instagramers,

Stop by in Skopje please and when you do have enough phone memory and power and patient, Insta followers will probably be spammed by you. Small intro about Skopje, first. It's Macedonian capital with crazy architecture history. The recent one, too. This heart-of-the-Balkans positioned city was torn down during the 1963 earthquake so architects from around the world in the name of solidarity gave their contributions through architectural proposals. The winner of the Urbanistic solutions was Kenzo Tange, so up until 2014, this city was representative of modern architecture and city of solidarity. Crazy politics happened resulting into many of this modern architectural monuments gone, but the ones that remained are a huge inspiration for Skopje Instagram addicts. Concrete texture combined with urban charm gives successful Instagram posts. Always.

Next. It is Balkan, so food! Being me a big food lover, I find this life too short for trying everything tasty in Skopje. There is a big competition when it comes to gastronomy, and I think that that is the main reason why food in Skopje is not only tasty but well designed and highly photogenic! I would say it is almost impossible to know all good places if you are not specifically dedicated to that. Not that I am not pretty much focused on the food, but there is one Skopje-placed blogger, that I follow with unquestionable dedication. My guideline for successful Insta post while in Skopje is to check Monika's blog and just follow her suggested destinations! If you are not hungry, you can check before, so huge appetite can be triggered!

After snapping and posting, don’t forget to wipe your plate with your last piece of bread. This is called ‘’makanje’’ and is something like a cultural conclusion of the meal.

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Zlata Golaboska

Zlata Golaboska

I am Zlata and I am an architect living in the Balkans. I am passionate about cities, how people influence architecture and vice versa, and how places change our lives.

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