Europe’s last undiscovered gem - Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Going off the beaten track for your next travel in Europe? Looking for untouched nature and thrilling adventures? Wondering how it looks like when East meets West? Craving for succulent new dishes? Wishing to meet friendly locals, instead of floods of tourists? Discover Bosnia & Herzegovina – a paradise for nature lovers.

Compared to other areas of Europe and neighbouring Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina remains pretty calm on the tourist front. It is actually relatively untouristy, which guarantees you a unique experience in one of Europe’s most exciting destinations.

This heart-shaped country will leave you speechless and amazed by its stunning landscapes - soaring mountains, centuries-old forests, lush valleys, crystal-clear rivers, deep green lakes and gushing waterfalls. It will invite you to come for rafting and canoeing, but also for hiking and taking long walks.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is positioned in the heart of one of Europe’s most unexplored and wildest mountain ranges – the central Dinaric Alps. No wonder that it is a lure for adventures, those who want to feel the adrenaline, but also enjoy the areas that leave no one indifferent.

A melting pot of many different cultures, a bridge between the East and the West – this is a brief cultural and historical background. A traveller’s experience is like none other: from Roman times, over Ottoman period, to the Austro-Hungarian empire and Yugoslavian era.

Perhaps the greatest asset of the country is the wonderful hospitality of Bosnian people, along with traditional Bosnian coffee and the irresistible Cevapi (grilled minced-meat).

Traveling across Bosnia and Herzegovina, it's impossible not to fall in love with landscapes, tastes and people . And when you leave, they will remain into your heart forever.

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Ljiljana Krejic

Ljiljana Krejic

I am Ljiljana, from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Being a journalist, I can't escape from that perspective when travelling. My mission is to make you explore the last Europe’s undiscovered gem.

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