EXIT Music Adventure: Winter Music Sensation

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There are more and more winter festivals every year. They are organized at ski centers all around Europe and are extremely popular in the last couple of years. This year the list of similar events will be a bit longer. A premier edition of the Festival 84, organized by EXIT crew, will take place on the Olympic Mountain Jahorina from 15-18 March. I am sure it's going to be a real HIT!

Festival 84. What does its name actually mean? Well, like I have already said in my previous article, behind every EXIT festival there is an idea of connection, unity and freedom. In 1984 the Mt Jahorina, near Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hosted the women's alpine skiing events of the Winter Olympics and it was a huuuuge thing for whole Yugoslavia. Yes, back then we all lived in one country. We cared for each other and lived in peace and love. That kind of spirit EXIT crew wants to revoke again.

The first Lineup is already here! Sigma, Asian Dub Foundation, Burak Yeter, Mahmut Orhan, Fllatov & Karas, Umek and groups from our region like Van Gogh, Bad Copy, Frenkie, Kontra & Indigo, Helem Nejse as well as many DJs and local artists will perform.

Jahorina Olympic Ski Resort represents the most popular ski resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here you can practice different outdoor sports and activities, such as alpine skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and sledding. You can enjoy over 40 km of ski slopes and modern facilities.

So why wait? Hurry up and buy your tickets. Don't miss your chance to join the winter music sensation and get the opportunity to feel the spirit of nineteen eighty four.

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