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Exotic Ethiopian coffee in the heart of Brussels

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To all the people who, the moment they open their eyes, think of the precious, seductive smell of freshly brewed coffee. For all of you that consider coffee not only the perfect, inevitable beginning of every day, balanced breakfast and morning ritual. To all of you who do not want to even talk before taking one sip of this magnificent beverage. To all of you coffee lovers who consider coffee life and who cannot live without it – I dedicate this article to you. Join me on this amazing trip that even George Clooney with his Nespresso with envy us. 

I must say that sometimes, in all the rush of everyday life, I find myself quite satisfied with just an average cup of coffee. But sometimes, and I am sure you can relate, you want something special, new, memorable taste that will not only keep you awake but also awaken all your senses. That is why I decided to present you the spots where you can have that kind of an experience in the very heart of Belgium. First, let’s start with exotic Ethiopian coffee that you can taste in Brussels, in a cool place called Aksum.

Aksum Cafe
Aksum Cafe
Galerie du Roi 1, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

Fun fact- coffee actually got its name by the Ethiopian region called Kaffa! Now you are probably thinking where is this gem hidden all this time, but it is actually located in the very city center. You have probably guessed it. Indeed, the trademark of this place is the strongest and best coffee, so if you are not a fan, then it is probably the best to look for an alternative.

Photo credit @Caroline P.
Photo credit @Caroline P.

The coffee is imported from far Ethiopia, but is roasted locally. All in all, the strong taste is very much preserved. It is so good and persistent that George Clooney would drop everything and join immediately (sorry Amal). Yes, that good!

The best part? The coffee tasting is not the end, as the place is full of African drinks. If you like to try out something new, then Aksum café is perfect for you. Tea from Tanzania, Kenya and Senegal, as well as hot chocolate from Ghana and a a glass of South African wine will definitely warm your heart and make you forget all about the Belgium weather.

Photo credit @Caroline P.
Photo credit @Caroline P.

 If you are really adventurous, then you must not miss the baobab juice from Malawi, as it is very good and refreshing. Plus, if you would like to learn more about the whole ritual of preparation and consumption of coffee from this exotic region, Aksum coffee offers that. See you all there. You too, George!

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