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Experience Fika in Stockholm's cafés

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To experience the real feeling of Stockholm, you must indulge in the Swedish concept of "Fika." The capital has several award-winning cafés all around the city. Here are some places that shouldn't be missed.  

Like Danes are known for their hygge, Swedes are renowned for their love of fika. The concept is easy: you sit down in your home or at a café with a drink of your choice and maybe a cake or two and just enjoy! As Swedes often are coffee-loving people, drinking a cup of good quality coffee has become almost a synonym with the concept of fika. When in Sweden – fika is a must.  If you are visiting Stockholm, a fika at a café is almost a must too!

©Istock/Alexander Farnsworth
©Istock/Alexander Farnsworth

For the hipster and coffee-loving people

Södermalm, or SoFo as it’s also called, is probably the neighborhood with the most hipster places in all of Stockholm. No wonder that several cool, modern, and hipster cafés can be found here. 

One of the most popular ones is Johan & Nyströms flagship coffee shop located at Swedenborgsgatan, close to Mariatorget. Johan & Nyström roast their coffee just outside Stockholm, and the café in SoFo has been immensely popular since it opened in 2009. This is a place to visit if you long for a really good cup of coffee, no matter if it is an easy brew or a fancy Chemex. 

And if you haven’t had enough – walk around the corner to another hangout serving high-quality coffee. Drop Coffee is situated just by Mariatorget and is an award-winning coffee shop. 

In the north part of central Stockholm, situated in the neighborhood Vasastaden, lies another favorite coffeeshop: the Mellqvist Kaffebar. The café is located at Rörstrandsgatan and is one of Stockholm’s best café’s, serving high-quality coffee in its cozy but trendy premises.

On another side of Södermalm lies Gilda´s Room, or Gildas Rum, as it is called in Swedish. Café Gilda’s Room is very kitschy with its French boudoir décor and antique furniture. It is cozy and small and most often full to the brink. They serve both coffee and cakes, as well as toasted sandwiches and salads. 


There are also several old cafés around Stockholm. Just walking up and down the main street in the Old City, you will have plenty to choose from. However, some of the most renowned cafés, like café Sturekatten, can be found in the neighborhood Östermalm.

Café Sturekatten has its premises in a building from the 18th century. With its antique and ornate decor, it is an esteemed, but still cozy café in the heart of Östermalm. Sturekatten has a great selection of cakes, coffee, tea, and light lunches.   

These are just some of the many great cafés in Stockholm. Swedes love their fika, so you can imagine that there are plenty of unique cafés all around the city.

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The author

Maria Lundin Osvalds

Maria Lundin Osvalds

I’m Maria, a 28-years old journalist, photographer and content creator from Sweden. I love adventures, being outdoor and living the nomadic life out of my van, as well as being in the city drinking coffee in a bohemian styled café or visiting local poetry slams.

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