Cover picture © Credits to Jackisnotdull
Cover picture © Credits to Jackisnotdull

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Experiencing Albania By Furgon

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Travel is all about adventures and unusual experiences because that's what makes a trip memorable and exciting. Albania is known for its "non regular tourist experience" so if you are that kind of person who is searching for a totally different destination and crazy routes, then you are in the right place to know something more.


Picture © Credits to xhillineshqiperi

The majority of people in Albania travel with buses or minibuses called in albanian Furgon. Formally, the do have a timetable but the thing is that they depart when they are full. It's a bit interesting how the furgons stay in their station but you will notice people all over the city saying " Is anyone coming to Tirana, come on, the furgon is almost full we need just two more" . For the locals it's a bit frustrating hearing the same thing all over again but I noticed that tourists kind of find it interesting...Maybe because this happens only in Albania.

Once you get inside the furgon, the driver will ask you about your nationality and he will start a conversation even though he doesen't understand a thing (albanians love to talk so much). Then, you find your place and in an instant you will find yourself listening in the radio some old traditional albanian songs. If you are lucky enough to be in the right furgon, people will start singing and probably you will ask yourself " Are they celebrating something or what?" . No, they are just enjoying their trip.

On the other hand, you will notice that almost everyone is speaking to everyone even though they don't know each other. Everything can be discussed in furgon; life, politics, problems as long you have the energy to talk. Without knowing, you will find yourself in your destination and of course the driver won't forget to salute you !

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Elda Ndoja

Elda Ndoja

I am Elda from Albania, moved by the desire to know more about the world. I share stories on my country and I hope you find them interesting as when I read about other countries.

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