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Explore İstanbul: Şile!

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İstanbul is one of the most gorgeous and biggest cities in the whole world. When it comes to history, culture, and nature, this amazing city has full of beautiful places to visit but also has lots of hidden gems. And definitely, Şile is one of them. Şile is a district in the beautiful İstanbul, Turkey. It is famous for its gorgeous sea and calming nature. People who are living in İstanbul, have summer houses in here so it is crowded in summer when you compare to other seasons. Şile also has lots of sub-districts and villages! So if you want to explore Şile, here is your guide!

Şile's history dates back to 700BC! This fishing village, today, is popular with its lighthouse from Ottoman era, beach resorts, and of course amazing nature. Here you can find lots of gorgeous beaches and amazing sea but you have to be careful while swimming since it has strong sea undercurrents which can be very dangerous. This cute district also famous for its crimped-looking cotton cloth which is used for clothes and much more! You can buy it from many bazaars here.

The famous lighthouse stands on the rocks of Şile and is 158 years old! The construction of this gorgeous lighthouse dates back to 1858. You can reach the top of it after climbing 72 steps and have the best panoramic view in here. Inside of this lighthouse, you will find a museum about the lighthouse and maritime. This lighthouse with a breathtaking view also has a lovely garden.

Şile Lighthouse
Şile Lighthouse
Balibey Mahallesi, Fener Cd. No:32, 34980 Şile/İstanbul, Türkiye

Another stop in this gorgeous district is; Ulupelit village! In this cute village, only 300 people reside which makes it super calm to spend your time! People spend their time in forestry and greenhouse. It has one of the best nature in the whole İstanbul and definitely a must-visit place in Şile. With its cute houses and gorgeous trees, it is definitely instagramable! It also has the best trekking parkours!

Ulupelit Village
Ulupelit Village
Ulupelit Mahallesi, 34980 Şile/İstanbul, Türkiye

If you want to explore Şile, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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