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Explore The Bridge That Was Built By Devil!

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As it can be understood from its name, Rakotzbrücke aka devil's bridge, was built out of varied local stones and believed that the bridge was so dangerous, locals thought it must have been built by Satan! This unique bridge is located in Kromlau, Kromlauer Park and due to its parabola, it is designed to be one half of a perfect circle, so its reflection on water forms a complete perfect stone circle.

With its jagged shape covered in green moss, it is one of the most picturesque bridge in the whole world and it was commissioned in 1860 by the knight of the local town. To reach this jaw dropping bridge you can fly/take a train/bus to Berlin or Dresden and then take a bus to Kromlau, Gablenz which is around a km far from there. Sadly today, there are fences around the entrances and signs not to to walk across this bridge to preserve it but of course it is not an obstacle to admire its beauty.

The Rakotzbrücke
The Rakotzbrücke
Halbendorfer Str., 02953 Gablenz, Almanya

After being mesmerized by the devil's bridge, it is time to explore the cute town nearby. Görlitz is a very well preserved city that survived the Second World War. It is also Germany's most eastern town, which made it neighbours with Poland! You can explore this largest city in Germany without any WWII damages by foot. Since it is well preserved, you can get to see the medieval, baroque and renaissance old town, tour the cathedral and walk across the Neisse River into Poland using the pedestrian footbridge and look at this gorgeous city from Poland!

It is not only German's favourite city, but also Tarantino's, Wes Anderson's and Jackie Chan's favourite too! This real life Hollywood movie set city has the perfect setting for many historical movies! The most popular movies that has been shot in here are; “Around the World in 80 Days” , “The Reader”, “Stolz der Nationen!”, “Inglourious Basterds” and of course “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Görlitz Old Town
Görlitz Old Town
Görlitz, Almanya

So if you want to visit the devil's bridge and Görlitz, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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