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©Istock/Natalia Ordasi
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Explore the Nacka nature reserve in Stockholm

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Stockholm is a capital where nature is always just around the corner. Take a day trip to Nacka Nature Reserve, situated just outside of the central parts of Stockholm.

Nature is always present in Stockholm. The city is surrounded by water, has an abundance of parks, a great archipelago, and several nature reserves. Nacka Nature Reserve is a perfect day trip for those longing for green forests, lakes, and fresh air. Experience a forest of pine trees, rocky outcrops, lakes, and wetlands with small brooks. Nacka Nature Reserve is worth a visit all year round. 

How to get here

Stretching over several of Stockholm’s south suburbs, Nacka Nature Reserve is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The nature reserve was formed in 2006 by Stockholm city. For those visiting for the first time, make sure to travel to the nature reserve's heart, Hellasgården, situated in the Nacka municipality. 

 ©Wikipedia Commons/Johan Fredriksson
©Wikipedia Commons/Johan Fredriksson

The nature reserve is one of Stockholm's largest and thus has several popular entry points – all close to the central parts of Stockholm. Hellasgården is, for example, easily reached by bus from Slussen. Another option is to start from the suburb Björkhagen that is connected to the Stockholm subway. 

What to do in Nacka Nature Reserve

Hellasgården has an information center, accommodation, and restaurants. It is, therefore, a great starting point. From here, you can easily explore the forest and the paths of your choice and then return to Hellasgården for food or a coffee or enjoy a picnic in nature.

A sauna is connected to the so-called lake of Källtorpssjön, close to Hellasgården. Experience the Swedish tradition of taking a hot steamy sauna, and then run out and take a swim in the lake. People enjoy the sauna and a swim all year long – even during winter! 

The Nacka Nature Reserve is a perfect place for recreational activities. During summer you will see a lot of people running, hiking, mountain biking or maybe kayaking over the lake. During winter, the paths in the forest are famous for cross country skiers, and the frozen lakes are perfect for ice skating. 

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©Max Pixel

For those interested in the local fauna, be sure to visit the Sickla park that is also called Ekparken, Oak Park. The Oak Park is a beautiful hill covered in over a hundred years old oak trees! And when you are in Sickla, take time to explore the surrounding area. There are, for instance, settlements in the nature reserve that remain intact from the 16th century.

You can explore the Nacka Nature Reserve for an hour, a day, or two. Tailor your visit to what you want to experience. Nacka Nature Reserve is perfect for the outdoor lovers, as well as for those escaping the hectic city life for an hour or two.   

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