Feel a Cinderella moment at Bosna River Springs

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Imagine you are on the horse carriage ride through the beautiful oak alley, while admiring splendid villas from Austro-Hungarian monarchy. And just when you believe that this is already a perfect restful escape, the whole new world of lush green fields, bubbling springs and waterfalls opens in front of you. A fairy-tale like scenery has a name – Vrelo Bosne (Bosna River Springs).

Nestled at the foothills of Igman Mountain,12 km southwest from Sarajevo, Vrelo Bosne is the most beautiful nature park in this region, and probably in the whole country. Bosna River Spring is an exceptional park with numerous streams, lakes and islands. By all means, the most beautiful one is the source of Bosna River, formed from numerous karst springs (altitude of 492 m). The water here is of exceptional quality and drinkable.

Geographically speaking, Bosna River arises from its very heart. It originates from several smaller sources creating an amazing oasis full of lush greenery and gushing fresh springs. The whole area is overlapped with waterways, bridges and walking/biking paths. When visiting the place, you will notice that the flora and fauna of this park are quite rich. Apart from swans, symbols of Vrelo Bosne, you will see ducks, squirrels and deers, just to mention some.

The springs are accessible by car, foot, bike or horse carriage. However, the long tree-lined alley is closed for vehicle traffic, so these 3.5 km are perfect for jogging, walking or biking. However, the absolute attraction is a horse carriage ride from the top of the avenue, a tradition existing since 1895. This is the only place in Bosnia and Herzegovina that still offers this kind of pleasure.

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Ljiljana Krejic

Ljiljana Krejic

I am Ljiljana, from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Being a journalist, I can't escape from that perspective when travelling. My mission is to make you explore the last Europe’s undiscovered gem.

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