Feel the Renaissance in Caprarola

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Caprarola is yet another proof of what I was telling you some articles ago: Italy’s best is where you don’t expect it.

This village in the north area of the Lazio region hosts one of the most precious and unique examples of Renaissance art and architecture. The town develops on the sides of the central street which leads straight to the entrance of the Farnese Mansion. As it was for Villa d’Este, even here we deal with a very wealthy family with future Pope in it.

The Villa dominates all the surrounding and the city beneath, standing out a symbol of Farnese family’s power and relevance. The Mansion was built in two different moments therefore, at first sight, it might not be clear what we are in front of. It looks like a mansion, but it also has evident elements of fortress-like construction.

Its pentagonal shape is very peculiar and is the starting point of the main road of the town. The internal rooms and spaces are beautifully decorated with frescos painted by many artists. The subjects of the paintings vary a lot; religious and family scenes are depicted as well as mythological, historical, and geographical ones giving the visitor the chance to discover different styles and meanings. The whole Mansion has five floors, gardens, and fountains which make the visit to this place a real full immersion in the Renaissance

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Federico Spadoni

Federico Spadoni

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