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Feel the taste of the best Lithuanian chocolate in Šiauliai

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Travel Tips For Šiauliai

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Everyone loves chocolate. Even Forrest Gump once said - “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. Except in Šiauliai city - there you know, that you will get the best chocolate in all Lithuania, with more than 24 top-tier awards. The oldest chocolate factory in Lithuania called “Rūta” (means rue - the Lithuanian national plant), was established in 1913 and till now, every day, is spreading the smell of chocolate. Let’s take a break and feel the taste of the best Lithuanian chocolate in Šiauliai with a short history and some visit ideas.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.


Once, in 1993, one smart and talented guy named Antanas, decided to make a toffee. In a small wooden cottage, he and his wife Juzefa, set up a cauldron. It was the first step to the great history of the chocolate factory in Šiauliai. Started with toffee, at the moment “Rūta” is producing more than 300 different brands of sweets. Every kid in Lithuania has grown up with “Rūta’s” candies and chocolates, and the loveliest part of this history is that “Rūta” is a family business because now it is owned by Antanas’ descendants.


The chocolate factoryRūta” is located in Šiauliai city, also called Sun’s city (because of the battle in 1236, with the same name, which took place near Šiauliai). The main reasons why you have to visit the oldest confectionery in Lithuania are obvious:

1. In the building, where it used to be the old “Rūta’s” factory, now you can find a museum, with a history of “chocolate trees” growing traditions and funny interactive activities - various games related to chocolate.

2. You can become a chocolate master for a while as well. The museum offers a workshop where you will can create your candies. There you will find various ingredients - all kinds of melted chocolate, berries, coconut, marzipan and much much more.

3. After this workshop, for sure, your heart will be full of sweetness and love, so you will have an opportunity to buy chocolates and candies for your friends and family, and also to try spicy hot chocolate at the cafeteria.

4. And if all this is not enough, in Šiauliai there are some traditional Lithuanian restaurants, a museum of photography and a Hill of Crosses (12 km from Šiauliai), all worth visiting.

From an interesting history, chocolate making secrets to the hands full of chocolate and hearts full of happiness - “Rūta” factory is a dream for everyone. I hope that you almost felt the taste of the best Lithuanian chocolate in Šiauliai by reading this story. So, make sure that you actually come and try it by yourself.

"Rūta" Chocolate museum
"Rūta" Chocolate museum
Tilžės g. 133, Šiauliai 76349, Lietuva

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