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Festivals in the Netherlands!

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Travel Tips For Amsterdam

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You don't need any reason to visit the Netherlands since the country is covered with history and so many activities. But if you are looking for a reason, festivals should be at least in the top 5 for all the reasons! And I have to say Dutch people know how to party and celebrate. So let's grab your calendar and talk about the festivals in the Netherlands!

Festivals in Winter!

If you want a fresh and chilly start of the year, Dutch people have a solution for that. Every year, Dutch people come together and dive into the cold water! You can dive in 60 different location in the Netherlands but the most popular location is in Den Haag since the city has an amazing beach. After that, you can warm up with the traditional meat soup with peas!

Let's get the film lovers in here because this festival is for you! If you are around in Rotterdam at the beginning of February, you should check out the Rotterdam International Film Festival. This festival continues for 10 days each year, with more than 300 films!

If you are up to one of Europe's biggest and colorful festival, you have to check out the Carnival in Maastricht in February. You can enjoy the costumes and party with Dutch people!

Festivals in Spring!

Spring is the time when flowers bloom and it is the same for the Netherlands. And when it comes to here, tulips and narcissi have a great value in here! You can enjoy almost all types of tulips in the Opening of Keukenhof Gardens in March.

And of course more flowers! If you want to enjoy a well-deserved celebration, the Flower Parade is just for you! You can enjoy 20 floats made of flowers and also dancers from Noordwijk till Harlem! So don't forget to visit this festival at the end of April.

On April 27, you can attend the World's biggest street party a.k.a King's Day in Amsterdam! This annual festival is held every year to honor King Willem-Alexander. You can enjoy the music, special performances and many more! For children, they can also enjoy the theatrical folk. Don't forget to wear something orange, since it's the color of the Netherlands and this special day!

Festivals in Summer!

Get ready to eat a herring fish in Den Haag! On early June you can get to enjoy traditional Dutch seafoods. It is a festival when the Dutch herring fleet is launched with a Flag Day festival. You have to see the traditional costumes of fishermen's wives!

Get ready to World's oldest music festival in Landgraaf! You can get to enjoy rock, pop, dance, electro, hop, indie, punk, folk, alternative music in Pinkpop Festival in June.

If you want to see how Dutch people answers Rio Carnival, you have to check the Rotterdam Summer Carnival in July! You can enjoy Latin music with more than 25 bands and dance till night! It has more than 1 Million visitors, so why you shouldn't be one one of them? :)

Festivals in Fall!

Amsterdam host the largest St.Nicholas parade in the world! Every year Santa Claus sails into Amsterdam with biscuits and drops presents on children's doorsteps! Don't forget to attend this festival in mid-November!

St. Nicholas-Sinterklaas
St. Nicholas-Sinterklaas
Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK Amsterdam, Hollanda

If you want to visit this amazing festivals, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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