Fine Dining in Caceres

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Although a city of only 100,000 people, Caceres holds some incredible dining experiences, with flair, style and innovation far beyond what you would expect from such a family-orientated place. I wanted to include three of my favourite (and the best) dining experiences in this historical city.

Michelin Stars

Atrio must be at the top of this list for several reasons. Firstly it's the only restaurant on this list that holds Michelin Stars (two of them), and secondly because in terms of price it's a fair distance above the others.

The personality and talent of the chef and their team is evident in the expertly crafted dishes, which are refined, inspired and sometimes original.

The quote above comes from the Michelin Guide for 2017, and shows the heart of the type of food you can find here. Spanish traditional dishes prepared expertly and presented in unique ways that are exciting and surprising - but expect dinner here to be around €150 per person.

Historical Setting

Then second restaurant on this list is the Parador de Caceres hotel and restaurant. Part of the Paradores chain, this restaurant sits in a medieval garden, complete with a well that drew water for hundreds of years. Elegant lighting and great service make dining here an intimate and private experience. The food is fantastic, their service is great and the prices are in the middle range, with dinner costing around €40 per person with wine and all.

Cosy Dining with Black and White Movies

The final restaurant on this list is not so much 'fine dining', but rather a fantastic dining experience. Perhaps is a small restaurant outside of the Old Town but has fast become my favourite Sunday evening dinner. There are only six tables, and the service is beautifully personal, with waiters recognising and chatting to you with no sense of rush or hurry. The Game of Thrones cast all visited here several times when they were filming in Caceres, and if you get a chance to, try the Salmorejo (one of the best I've tasted in Spain).

They also project black and white movies onto the wall, and combined with the low candle lighting and the gentle buzz of conversation, it really creates a beautiful atmosphere.

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Joe Thorpe

Joe Thorpe

I am Joe. I grew up in the UK, have lived in Africa and Paris, and now reside in Spain. An outdoor enthusiast, I like nothing more than to find a deserted beach, build a campfire and enjoy the view.

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