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First time in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Travel Tips For Rotterdam

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If you ever decide to travel in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is definitely a city worth-visiting! Only a couple of hours far from Brussels and from Amsterdam, (yeah, that’s why I am familiar with it!) Rotterdam offers a variety of activities and cultural events that will instantly grab your attention!

The city is buzzing with students – yeap it’s a lively city- and like Amsterdam it’s a city where -as a student or a tourist- you can lose your mind! At the same time, it’s also the world's largest port, home to the massive Europoort facility through which so much freight passes on its way to and from the continent, fact that makes the city an industrial paradise with a great and competitive job market! Today, it's as popular a destination for its vibrant entertainment options as it is for its many fine museums and splendid architecture. If you visit Rotterdam for the first time or if you only have a couple of hours, you can still experience the maritime atmosphere with major Rotterdam tourist attractions, and discover the city by typical sights of Rotterdam like the Old Harbour. In any case, Rotterdam is a cosmopolitan city with much to offer for both locals and visitors. It’s never a boring day in this harbour city due to a great variety of leisure activities. Do not miss the chance, explore some of those along with me on this page!

Let's now check a few cultural activities!

...and a few alternative ones ;)

In Rotterdam you'll find inviting terraces everywhere: all over the heart of the city, tucked away among (and sometimes even on top of) the gleaming skyscrapers, on the riverside quays, in the rolling green parks and in the trendy neighbourhoods around the city centre. Those are our favorite!

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