First timers in Edinburgh: things to do

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Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a relatively small city, compared to its British counterparts. Its limited size makes it easy for you to unveil the city landmarks in just 3 days ... as long as you are ready to be mobile and willing to use public transports. You will not miss Edinburgh Castle, home to the Crown jewels, and the Holyrood Palace, official residence of the Monarch in Scotland. If you like to enjoy panoramic views, you should head towards Arthur's Seat, main peak on the hills around Edinburgh. HMS Britannia is also one of the major attractions of the city: the former yacht of the British monarch attracts every year hundreds of thousands of tourists. Note that traditional hotels are not that cheap in the city, so, if your budget is tight, use preferably AirBnb. If you look after whisky experiences, you will need to leave the city to find local distilleries.

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