Firuza – A Magnificent Persian Palace

Firuza – A Magnificent Persian Palace

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Georgia is known for its special architecture and old houses. Each house has its own story. You will see many interesting buildings here, especially in Tbilisi.

Now I would like to tell you about Mirza Riza Khan’s houses. He was the Consul of Iran in Georgia during 1889-1894 years. His first house is located on Chonkadze Street in Tbilisi and another one in Borjomi. Both of them are built in Persian style, which attracts many visitors’ attention. These places have a label where is written: "Mirza Riza Khan." The most outstanding building is Mirza’s summer house in Borjomi. It calls “Firuza” and it has a very lovely turquoise colour.

Mirza Riza Khan and a little boy Vano

Mirza was a kind, honest, and very diplomatic person. He tells us many interesting stories in his book: When he was very young, Mirza arrived in Tbilisi to study the Russian language. One little boy, Vano was studying with him. He had a habit of bringing candy and giving it to everybody, including Mirza.

However, other children were not happy about that fact, because Mirza had a different religion. Vano replied: "Once Mirza will become the Consul, then he will celebrate the Shah’s birthday in his own house and he will definitely invite me. There will be many fireworks and he will invite me for sweets….’’

20 years after, he really became the Consul and ordered to search for this little boy Vano and invited him to his house. While Mirza and Vano were relaxing on the balcony, watching the fireworks and eating candies, Mirza remembered Vano’s prophetic words. He expressed big respect to this boy and thanked him because Vano always believed in Mirza's success.

The story about “Firuza”

The Borjomi house “Firuza” was built in 1892 by the order of Mirza. If you ask locals, they will tell you that the Consul of Iran built this house for his girlfriend.

However, according to the official version, it was a summer house, just for his holidays. This Persian style house has very beautiful decorative paintings and extraordinary mirrors. There are wooden windows with colorful glasses and interesting details that are very rare in Georgia.

It is said that these unique decorations are performed by the Iranian masters. That is why it is valuable, not only for Georgians but also, for Iranian cultural heritage.

Today, “Firuza” is remade as a hotel, which is operated by the Golden Tulip brand. What is the most important; the building maintained its old historical appearance and cultural value. Nowadays, visitors can have a pleasure of the treatment procedures as well which are carried out using Borjomi mineral water.

Golden Tulip Borjomi Hotel
Golden Tulip Borjomi Hotel
48, 9 Aprili street, 1200 Borjomi

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