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Five things to do in Athens if you are an Instagram addict

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Travel Tips For Athens

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aren't we all?!

1. His Majesty, the Coffee

In Greece, similar like in Italy, they have a special relationship with the coffee, so it is very understandable why they behave very dedicated towards this ritual. Because of this, in Greece, there are several domestic chain stores that can offer high-quality service and coffee. You can choose either to-go, either to sit and drink it "siga, siga"(slowly in Greek). However you decide, you will be served with a camera-ready cup of delicious coffee.

2. The infinite beauty: sky and sea

My first impression of Athens, color-wise, was that is very white. When I put on a level more detailed than the first impression, with all this murals and graffiti around, is one of the most colorful cities. What is the explanation for my first impression? Not very tall structure of buildings affords every eye view to contains a little bit of sky. And the rule is clear: whatever is close to sky and sea, gains beauty, right?

3. Patisserie. Nothing more to say.

It is hard to miss this even without recommendation, but this list can't be done without mentioning beautifully looking and better-than-that tasting sweets you can buy around in Athens. Zaharoplastiki are the stores you are searching for, and they are common enough to have an impression that they are searching for you. Be careful, some of this cakes know your name and they will seduce you while whispering it!

4. Flowers for insta-lovers

Because of the summer heat, it is expected every apartment to have a balcony, like a tampon zone between the inside and outside and seems like every living space here in Athens has a talented gardener living there, because more than common is to see romantically cultivated mini gardens on the balconies. And when this in-betweens blooms, look like flower waterfalls all over the facades. I encourage you to walk around Athens, in the narrow streets not so center-placed.

5. Important messages shouted through the walls

Yes, graffiti, and murals. But not just that. Even Athens is one of most fascinating places for street art, there is not so artistic examples happening around, but because of respect for authors feelings, they remain on the walls. You can find date proposals and love expressions written on the walls without artistic value, but with a lot of memories inside. This is what makes this city unusual and cozy. Streets are used for sharing- emotions, greetings, coffee, even furniture and other useful stuff. Sharing is caring and Athens knows that!Well, what are you waiting for? Charge your phone, be sure you have memory space and capture your Athens! Wink, wink! Tap, tap!

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Zlata Golaboska

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