Flea market at Vienna's Naschmarkt

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If you are looking for more original stuff to buy and you are tired of typical “mall-shopping” non-experience then visiting Vienna’s biggest flea market at the Naschmarkt is a must! This market is loved by Viennese and one of the favourite pastimes for them. Thousands people visit the market and it is usually combined with a purchase at the neighbouring Naschmarkt. It is also visited by many tourists to experience live authentic hustle and bustle at the market places and maybe get one or the other unique souvenir. It is important to get there early in the morning, and then you get the most precious things that are otherwise snatched away by the antique dealers, who like to buy everything that has value from their colleagues and then sell it into their expensive shops. The flea market is also a perfect place for a picturesque photo shoots, because it is located in front of many buildings with the beautiful facades.

For visitors it is mostly a bargain hunting or hoping to find a long-sought-after thing. Here you can find everything from the cheap second-hand goods to rare collection pieces. Due to its size, biggest flea market in Vienna, there is a particularly great opportunity for collectors and bargain hunters to find something. Here you will find second-hand goods, antiques and rarities, old books and records, pictures, dishes, jewellery, textiles, toys and small furniture - very well-preserved pieces but also real junk or almost trash.

Flea market is traditionally held since summer 1977 at the big parking lot next to the famous Vienna market Naschmarkt. Before that it was located at the Am Hof square, but that area soon became too small for all those interested in cheap second hand goods and antiquities. Flea market is located next to the river Wien, between Vienna’s 4th and 5th districts; it is served by the underground line U4 station Kettenbrückengasse. The flea market takes place every Saturday from 6:30 until 18:00 o’clock, even by the bad weather.

Around 500 sellers can be find at the market, some of them run their businesses for decades and some of them are just average Joes selling their old stuff, such as old coins & medals, books, postcards, photos, textiles, shoes, CDs, VHS-tapes, games, instruments etc. Everyone may sell their goods at the market, but if you want a fix place, the waiting for it is about 2 years. However, visiting is available for everyone; do not hesitate to experience this side of Vienna.

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