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Florina, the coldest city in Greece!

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Travel Tips For Pisoderi

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As you have probably realised I am a dedicated winter fan always looking for and suggesting winter escapes and nature travels that steal hearts! That’s the case one more time, so ready, set and here we go!

Welcome to Florina!

Florina is mountainous city situated in the Northern part of Greece. It is said to be one of the coldest towns in Greece, because of its elevation and geographic position. Heavy snowfalls, thick fog and below-freezing temperatures are common during the winter months, facts that definitely attract the winter lovers’ attention. Lively, interesting and graphic, Florina is offered as a great getaway experience for the nature admirers.

PH9C+Q7 Perasma, Greece

Within the city there are multiple cultural activities to be done; there is an archaeological museum with some interesting pottery from the Neolithic, Iron and Bronze ages, Roman statues and Byzantine art. There are two art galleries, the Florina Artist Gallery, located near the archeological museum in a big building that looks like a train station, and the Museum of modern Art on Leoforos Eleftherias, which contains a permanent collection of contemporary Greek artists and also has exhibitions.

The natural surroundings

The ski resort

Pisoderi village & Ski resort
Pisoderi village & Ski resort
EO Krystallopigis Florinas 7, Pisoderi 530 76, Greece

Its proximity to Pisoderi Village and ski resort attract multiple of tourists and ski afficionados every year. Pisoderi ski centre is situated at a location called Vigla, 18km away from the town of Florina and 178km away from Thessaloniki. The ski centre operates one of the most modern chalets. Skiers and snowboarders can use 5 lifts and 10 tracks. This year for the first time, a new track will open up to the public, the longest track in Greece (2100m) with Olympic standards.

The Prespes National Park

Prespa National Park
Prespa National Park
V2MC+8V Konjsko, North Macedonia

At the same time, only 45 km west of Flórina, lies one of the most important habitats in Greece and the first transboundary protected area in the Balkans. The Préspes National Park is a wetland with rich bio-diversity, whose core covers an area of 4,900 Km2. The wealth of this bio-diversity is perfectly demonstrated by the fact that more than half of birds, amphibians and mammals species found in Greece are encountered here; besides, 9 out of the 23 fish species living in its waters are endemic. Apart from swimming, fishing and rowing, the lake is also ideal for bird watching since there are four observatories in the area!


Don’t leave without having bought some of Flórina’s exquisite local products, such as Flórina red peppers, Préspes beans, mountain tea, spoon sweets and knitted candles made from skillful local candle makers.

And last but not least…

Do not forget to pay a visit to Nymfaio, Florina’s most traditional village!

A fairytale escape to Nymfaio in Florina
A fairytale escape to Nymfaio in Florina
Νίκειος Σχολή Νυμφαίου, Nimfeo 530 75, Greece

Nymfaio is built in an altitude of 1.350 m and according to Unesco,it has been singled out as one of the ten most picturesque villages of Europe! This fascinating village with stone built houses and cobblestone paths, surrounded by a breathtaking beech forest, looks like it just came out of a fairytale book. Nymfaio is a year round charming destination as it combines remarkable beauty of nature, a distinctive glorious past, unique traditional guesthouses and numerous cafes and restaurants.

Convinced yet? Travel in Greece and explore its mountainous side!

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The author

Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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