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One of the hardest parts about living in Europe for some time and then coming back to the UK and London, is that good cheap bakeries with amazing bread are hard to find. The bread in Europe is a living, breathing entity, and feels like a critical part of the culture. Living in a small city in Spain, there are a load of incredible bakeries with the freshest and crunchiest baguettes and pastries. I wanted to countdown three of the bakeries in London that will lift your weary spirits. Bread in London is seen as something that is packaged far away and serves a very simple and basic purpose. These following bakeries will show you how to find some energy and life in this bread-starved world.

Number 3 - Violet Cakes - Hackney

This is an all-round great place for all things baked. They use seasonal products so everything you can find there is likely to use local ingredients and support local businesses. The owner of the bakery is a food writer and artist, and this creative flair really shows in the way the cupcakes use interesting and exciting flavours! They even host a podcast at the bakery every so often, and this is a bakery that is really a part of the community. They blend expertise with enthusiasm in a way that really shows and you will be able tot notice the love they pour into their creations.

Number 2 - GAIL's - Westminser

GAIL's is on this list because of the simplicity that the whole place brings to the idea of bread! It's right in the heart of London, and more than likely serves mostly wealthy lawyers and bankers, but manages to avoid all luxury branding or pretension. They basically have really really good simple breads, and some cakes. There is a lot of different types of bread they make on a regular basis, but their staples are done exceptionally well and the atmosphere is quiet, calm and an amazing place to have a coffee or work/hang out. You will spot people working, chatting and just being here, and it feels like quite a strong and happy community.

Number 1 - E5 Bakehouse - London Fields

E5 Bakehouse is my number one favourite bakery in London, mostly due to their bread expertise! They even have a weekly bread course to show the way they think and feel and handle the bread they make daily. Everything about this bakery feels natural and relaxed, and is less about showing off, and more about showing how cool bread is. They mill their own flour, they use locally sourced organic products and even have their own farm shop next to the bakery. This place is all about knowing exactly where everything has come from and the effects every ingredient will have.

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