Frigiliana - the least visited Andalusian paradise

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Frigiliana is a small, charming and peaceful village right next to Nerja, in the Andalusian region of Málaga. Not many people know about it, which explains why Frigiliana has entirely kept all of its authenticity and magic, despite the high affluence of tourists that consistently visit the area. After writing a few articles on Nerja, I thought it would be a great idea to dedicate some time to write about this other Andalusian jewel, its inland counterpart, which has earned itself a place amongst the most beautiful Spanish villages. So let’s now take a look at its wonders and secrets!

Frigiliana has a population of just about 3,000 inhabitants, so I wouldn’t suggest you coming here if what you’re looking for is partying, or other activities which densely populated areas have to offer. Frigiliana has other, more subtle kinds of values, which attract its own kind of people. If you’re planning on visiting Nerja for a couple of days, you should definitely save some time to pass by Frigiliana, it’s literally right next to it.

Magical Scenery

The streets of Frigiliana are just about as beautiful and charming as they can get. You’ll find the whitewashed houses and churches, typical of the region, and beautiful paved streets. Walking along them at any time of the day will be a delight on its own.

But the beauty of its streets is not the only viewing pleasure that awaits you here. Frigiliana is just a few kilometres away from the coast, but it is located on a gentle hill behind a valley, surrounded by vegetation and numerous streams which give a wonderful picturesque flair to the area.

Little suggestion: what me and my friends did when visiting Frigiliana was renting a small peripheral villa with a swimming pool, where we could just relax and enjoy the magical scenery while having barbecues. If you don’t come during the high season, prices will be astonishingly affordable, too! Check out this Bed & Breakfast for instance:

La Perla de Frigiliana Bed & Breakfast DeLuxe
La Perla de Frigiliana Bed & Breakfast DeLuxe
Loma La Casilla 66, 29788 Frigiliana
Villa Morera Bed & Breakfast
Villa Morera Bed & Breakfast
Cortijo San Rafael, 29788 Frigiliana

Enjoy the Food

Frigiliana is widely known for the quality of its restaurants. If you come here, you must go out and enjoy its gastronomy. Locals from all around the area come to Frigiliana to spend a day or a weekend to relax, get away from the busy day to day life and enjoy amazing food.

The most typical dish of Frigiliana is the choto, but desserts are also typical, the arropía, the sweet potato with honey, the cakes of San Juan, the marcochas and the muscatel wine and the cane-honey, elaborated in the own town, are other delicacies which will make you come back for more.

Visit the Natural Park, right behind it

In case it wasn’t enough, you’ll be glad to know Frigiliana is situated right next to the Parque Natural de las Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama, giving you the chance of exploring the beautiful nature of the site and its breath-taking landscapes. It’s quite big and it offers several trekking routes for the adventurous ones!

Casa Rural La Meica
Casa Rural La Meica
Calle Calvario 448, 29711 Alcaucín

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Antonio Nogueras Malpesa

Antonio Nogueras Malpesa

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