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Fruska Gora mountain marathon

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Fruska Gora is the highest (and the only) mountain in the flats of Vojvodina, and a protected national park. While it offers great weekend nature getaway from neighboring Novi Sad, it’s also a home for numerous events throughout the year that gather both local and international community. The Fruska Gora Mountain Marathon has been held continuously for the past 40 years, during the two days, either in April or May.

Usually, when someone mentions marathon, it equals an instant regret about that late night snack that I had. But there is something different about this one. It’s not the regular marathon. Aside from the professional certified trails, it also has the properties of the educational hike. And not to mention it’s extremely low height for a mountain. I think that’s the main reason why 10.000 people are expected to show up every year.

Why join the Fruska Gora Marathon

The Marathon is of an international character and is one of the oldest of this type in Europe. The longevity of the marathon gives it an attribute of the traditional event in Fruska Gora. The first one was organized in 1978 and was “only” 86 kilometers long.

The trails of the competition part of the race are ITRA certified (International Trail Running Association). They are qualifying for the race around Mont Blanc (Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc.)

But you don’t run

Well, neither do I. (There comes the instant guilt feeling again.)

The remaining 14 trails are all recreational and serve as a promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The recreational trails vary from 4 to 90 kilometers and take the course around many interesting spots in Fruska Gora National Park. They promote the nature conservation and environment protection.

With the number of people that show up, it’s always a great time, and it’s even an inspiring to see so many people gathered around a simple shared idea - their love for nature and healthy lifestyle.

So if you happen to be in Serbia around the end of April and beginning of May, make sure to join the Fruska Gora Mountain Marathon. You shouldn't miss the chance to feel guilty about your eating habits while surrounded by nature and countless shades of green.

Fruska Gora Marathon
Fruska Gora Marathon
Fruska Gora

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