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Galata For the Photography Enthusiasts

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Travel Tips For Istanbul

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Istanbul with its over 15 million people, is a vibrant and chaotic city. But finding the beauty in this crowded metropolis is not hard at all. A city which has been a home to numerous civilizations for centuries provides many opportunities for those who are looking to capture the perfect moment.

There are various spots in Istanbul to take incredible photos, whether they are for your social media or your portfolio as a photographer. The first spot comes to my mind is Galata. This neighborhood between Istiklal street and Karaköy gives you the chance to see the change Istanbul has been through. Throughout the walk to Galata Tower built in 1348, you will get to see the historic streets of Taksim harmonizing with the not so well planned new buildings of Istanbul. The scenery and the people will be very different from a European city but certainly it will provide unique images. Another place to capture natural beauty is the Bosphorus which is only a short walk away from Galata. This unique landscape connecting Asia and Europe, makes taking some good shots much easier. All you will need is a camera and a ferry ride which you can easily take from the both sides of the city. If you want to capture the daily life in the city, all you will need to do is stroll down the streets full of street vendors, people rushing to work, cats and dogs as Istanbul is also home to many stray animals, some think that in this city there are more cats than people:) I will further list many activities for the photography enthusiasts but before I finish this post I would like to thank to my friend Chris Selçuk Erenerol for the photographs.

Credits: Chris Selçuk Erenerol Instagram:

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Idil Birben

I am Idil from Istanbul, Turkey, and am currently living in London. I write about my own experiences in these countries.

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