Cover picture credits © vololibero
Cover picture credits © vololibero
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Gallipoli - The historical paradise beach

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Gallipoli is located in the south-western corner of Apulia. It is in fact, the biggest town of the Salento peninsula and the southernmost part of Apulia. It used to be an important center for maritime trade but now it is a famous holiday destination for Italians, while it also keeps gaining popularity on an international level. No wonder why, since the city is surrounded by wonderful beaches, it has a unique, historical setting and offers a big range of activities.

The historical center of Gallipoli is an island and it is only accessible through a big stone bridge, dating back to the 16th century. This bridge connects the old town of Gallipoli with the modern and financial center. It is easy to explore the historical center (in Italian: centro storico) on foot;  it is quite small, therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting lost. Every street is full of charming. colorful and typical Italian houses, while the seaside promenade is full of lively cafes and restaurants.

© Photo: Jacek_Sopotnicki

Every morning there is a big fish market located directly at the port of Gallipoli. It is the perfect place for a relaxing stroll between colorful fish stalls; watch the fishers counting "todays catch" and repairing their nets! You might even get some inspiration for dinner. The majority of the fresh seafood gets directly sold to the restaurants of Gallipoli.

The Apulian town is particularly popular for being the ideal starting point to visit  wonderful beaches, such as the Baia Verde or Pescoluse (in the picture) that can be found in its proximity. Also Gallipoli itself has a gorgeous city beach: the Spiaggia della purità. It is located directly in the historical center and has crystal clear, shallow water.

Lido MaldiVe del Salento
Lido MaldiVe del Salento
Località Pescoluse, 73050 Salve, Italy

© Photo: j-wildman

Gallipoli is not just great for food lovers, and sun seekers but also for history buffs. The Castello Angioino di Gallipoli dates back to the 11th century and used to be an important strategic point for defending foreign attacks. It is now the most famous landmark in town and open to visitors. The small historical center is also full of impressive baroque churches. The most outstanding one is the cathedral of Sant’Agata, made out of golden limestone in the typical leccese baroque style.

Castello Gallipoli
Castello Gallipoli
Piazza Imbriani, 73014 Gallipoli, Italy

Gallipoli has something for everybody;  after an active and long day, all you have to do is find a good spot at the waterfront to enjoy a glass of local wine. Trust meGallipoli has the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen in Apulia.

© Photo:j-wildman

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