"Game of thrones" filming locations in Croatia - Dubrovnik

"Game of thrones" filming locations in Croatia - Dubrovnik
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Imagine – it’s summer time, green mountains above, blue see below, birds are singing, glass of wine on the table; and you wake up in the city where Daenerys Targaryen is the queen and all the people live in love and peace. It’s only a dream but it also could be a pure desire. Reality is something different and to see if above-mentioned is going to be the queen we have to wait 8 more months – when I say WE I think we – all Game of Thrones fans. Visiting Dubrovnik you will feel a bit of that atmosphere (blue see, great wine and green forest are guaranteed) and you will recognize many filming locations.

Dubrovnik, gorgeous city on the Adriatic Croatian coast, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. They used to come to this region since middle ages for its location and strategic position. It’s splendid place that offers you more than other coastline cities. Narrow marble streets, cobblestones, homemade dishes, domestic wine, sand beaches, monuments, Roman, Venetian, Slavic, Austrian layers, everything is there.

But as a big Game of Thrones fan you should notice the shape of the Old town and you will notice that you are actually entering in the King’s landing. This magnificent Old town was a place where HBO shot their most successful TV show. Of course many things are different and changed in production but again you’ll love to walk down the streets where your heroes used to. Just one or two summers ago. And yes, “Walk of shame” scene was shot here, literally on the street. Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik Old town, Mirčeta tower, Pile gate or Walls of Dubrovnik are just some of the filming locations of dozen of Game of Thrones episodes. Besides Dubrovnik Game of Thrones episodes were shot in other Croatian cities such as Split and Šibenik as well as town of Klis. And if you are true travel enthusiast and Game of Thrones fan don't miss the chance to discover Game of Thrones locations in Spain.

How to get there: Dubrovnik has its own airport and it’s connected with other parts of Croatia with good roads; also Dubrovnik is land connected with Montenegro (the closest city is Herceg Novi) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (the closest town is Trebinje).

How Dubrovnik can be transformed into King's landing:

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