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We live in an ever-developing world, reaching for bigger and better every day. We are bombarded with so much information that it can be overwhelming. And living in Lisbon is no exception. That's why I've to start a new series of articles contemplating gardens, parks and other kinds of oasis where you can just take a sit and relax from the busy city life.

The first subject in this series is a garden I've only recently discovered, even though I've been near it lots of times! Located in the area of São Sebastião, next to the very big and noticeable El Corte Inglés building, is the Garden Amália Rodrigues, an abundant green place, named after the biggest singer in the history of Fado (as many of you may know).

Jardim Amália Rodrigues
Jardim Amália Rodrigues
Jardim Amália Rodrigues, Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira, 1070-310 Lisboa, Portugal

I was actually very surprised to discover such a wonderful eden so tucked away in the proximity of a busy avenue. But I won't fault just my lack of attention, since, at first sight, it only looks like a small hill but when you go up, it's true beauty unravels.

The park isn't huge per say, at least not as large as its well-known neighbor, the Eduardo VII Garden. But it really is sort of an oasis-like place. Due to it's heightened location you fill like you're away from the city, only seeing the buildings behind the trees as a kind of "other land", a sort of distant landscape. This definitely helps you fill even more in relaxing mood.

The garden has a café with a terrace near a large man-made lake, as well as many paths and open spaces to jog and picnic, and a huge amphitheatre-like area where you have a view of almost the whole downtown of Lisbon and the river Tejo (a perfect viewpoint), and sometimes you can find a huge Portuguese flag hoisted in the center pole. Needless to say that the Amália Rodrigues Garden is also a perfect place to walk your pets! It is not uncommon to see dogs there, and the puppies just love to run and play in the grass, some even take a dip in the lake!

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