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Genuine nature of Southern Azerbaijan – Hirkan National Park

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Apart from all other cultural values, Azerbaijan proves its uniqueness by its spectacular nature. The geographical location of Azerbaijan creates distinctive features that differentiate it from others. Although Azerbaijan is a small country, each part of the country has an inimitable flora and fauna. Especially Southern part of Azerbaijan is the most special one with its subtropical climate, which makes nature different here.

The most worth seeing place in Southern Azerbaijan is Hirkan National Park, as it contains genuine flora and fauna that can be found nowhere else. The major part of the national park is located in Lenkoran district and known as the heart of Talish Mountains. As mentioned, the most distinctive aspect of Hirkan National Park is its unique wildlife. The park is home to endemic plants and animals that have been recorded into the “Red Data Book” of Azerbaijan. It’s a book where the endangered plants and animals are enlisted. Despite many endangered plants, Ironwood is the most popular among others. It is a tree, which has the most powerful stem and extraordinary look. Besides Ironwood, Lenkoran acacia, Caucasian oak, Hyricanian box tree are among the unique and endangered plants of the Hirkan forest.

Besides an amazing flora, Hirkan is home to rare animals, as well. There are myriad of endemic birds such as Caucasus pheasant, Caspian tit, and many others. The jungle cat, Caspian tiger, brown bear, red fox and roe deer are rare animals that live in Hirkan forests.

Khanbulag Lake is another magnificent place that is located inside Hirkan National Park. Being between Talish Mountains and lowland area creates an amazing scene around the lake. Apart from the admirable view of the lake, swimming deer in the lake create an astonishing view. Once in a while, white deer come from the south to visit the lake.

As Hirkan National Park hosts 60 million years old wilderness, tourism facilities such as café, restaurant, and hotel don’t exist here. In order to camp or use other tourism facilities, accommodation should be found in Lenkoran.

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