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I was always wondering why all tourists fall in love with Georgian food. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised hearing from them that our traditional food was one of the most important reasons that brought them to Georgia.

Myself, I realized the real value of our food when I left Georgia for couple of years. I missed all those comfort dishes that can make anyone happier.

The main feature of our cuisine is the presence of all kinds of meats. Therefore, my foreign friends, that are carnivores, find their happiness when they come to Georgia.

Let’s start from “Khinkali” – soup dumplings:

Nobody ever leaves Georgian restaurant without ordering this dish (including Georgians). Khinkali is the most famous dish and in my opinion, the most tasty one. It is made with flour dumpling wrappers and inside it has lamb, pork or beef mix. Also, we have Khinkali with mushroom, potatoes and cottage cheese. So, this dish is for those visitors that don’t eat meat at all.

We have tradition that everybody should eat it without pouring juice on the place; this is how you can feel the real taste of Khinkali.


We have a variety of this dish which is one of the most popular also. It is cheese-filled bread, shaped and flavored in various ways. The most common types are Imeretian, circular shaped with different kinds of Georgian cheese and Megrelian which has more cheese and comes from Samegrelo. Every region has its own kind of Khachapuri.

For instance, Adjarian Khachapuri, which comes from Adjara region, is also a great one. It is made from cheese and eggs and it has different shapes. Once eaten, I guarantee that you will never forget the taste.


Beans play an important role in the Georgian cuisine. We have even a special restaurant called ‘’Beans”. I can tell you that their beans have the best taste, thanks to the secret receipt. This restaurant is located in Mtskheta city and many people go there to have their special beans from Tbilisi on their lunch break.

“Mtsvadi” – Grilled skewered meat:

Mtsvadi is a must dish for Georgian “supra”. That is how we call our Georgian table. It is made from different kinds of meat; from beef, pork or lamb depending on the region. We mix it with thinly sliced onions and we add a pomegranate juice for better taste. Georgians have a lovely tradition to make often barbeques in the nature, because the mtsvadi, the fresh air and the nature is the best combination you can ever have.

The list is obviously much longer, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the most famous dishes of Georgian cuisine. All you need is to try them!

Georgian Cuisine in Tbilisi
Georgian Cuisine in Tbilisi
Vazha Pshavela Ave, Tbilisi, Georgia
Adjarian House in Batumi
Adjarian House in Batumi
Batumi, Georgia
Restaurant Tsiskvili
Restaurant Tsiskvili
Beliashvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia

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