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Glamping in Georgia – another unforgettable experience

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In the last years, glamping became very popular among travelers all around the world. It involves very comfortable tent-hotels that are located in the countryside. This is where you can stay and blend in nature without feeling any discomfort caused by living in the tent because the main idea of glamping is to combine luxury tents with stunning nature. There are many glamping destinations around the world, and I am proud to say that in Georgia you can also enjoy glamping experience that will definitely give you unforgettable memories.

What Glamping Georgia offers you?

Glamping Georgia is located in Krikhi, which is a small village 2 kilometers away from the city of Ambrolauri in the Racha Region. The hotel welcomed their first guests several weeks ago, in the second half of June. They promise you the comfortable tents and stunning views. Each tent has a kitchen with minimal but the most necessary equipment, a bathroom, free internet and air-conditioner. In addition, each room has a mini-cinema, so you can watch interesting movies in the evening and enjoy.

What could be better than waking up in the middle of nature and enjoying panoramic views right from your comfortable bed? Make a coffee, go out to the terrace and take a deep breath. Let the fresh air fill up your lungs and your brain, after which you can plan your activities for that day. Around the hotel, there are several canyons that you can explore. Only 200 meters from the tents, there is a meeting point of two rivers – the Krikhula River and the Khoteura River, where you can enjoy beautiful views or just get away from the hot day and cool down a little bit in the water.

On the territory of the property, there is a garden, where you can enjoy free cycling nearby or plan bike tours. You can also go fishing or hiking. On the other hand, if you are more into the quiet and relaxing holiday for yourself, you can stay near the tent, walk around or just lay in the hammock, and read your favorite book.

How to book and future plans

As this type of hotel is very new, Glamping Georgia in Krikhi has started with only two fully equipped tents on that area, but they plan to expand by adding more tents not only there but also in Svaneti, Bakuriani and near the Black Sea. From the day one as it welcomed the first guests, it caught an eye of many tourists.

Actually, on Glamping Georgia in Krikhi is fully booked until the end of August. Each tent is for up to four guests, and the prices start from 120 Gel (45 euro). For four guests the price of one tent would be around 180 Gel (65 euro) per night. The breakfast is also included. The nearest airport is Kutaisi International Airport, 67 km away.

Now, as I gave you all the important information about this amazing and unique experience, all you have to do add this activity to your trip to Georgia. Our nature will surprise you and the people, traditional food and Georgian wines will make you want to come back. Glamping Georgia promises you an unforgettable experience, but if you want to explore my coutnry a bit more, make sure to check my other articles as well because many interesting stories and places are waiting for you here in Georgia.

Glamping Georgia Krikhi
Glamping Georgia Krikhi
Ambrolauri, Georgia

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The author

Anano Chikhradze

Anano Chikhradze

I am Anano. I Iove travelling, history and getting to know people from all over the world. I write about Georgia, my country, and I am sure everybody will fall in love with it.

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