Cover Picture © Credits to Susanne Neumann
Cover Picture © Credits to Susanne Neumann

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Glen Brittle, home for fairies and elves

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Travel Tips For Glenbrittle

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When you think about fantasy worlds, Glen Brittle Valley in Scotland will probably match anyone’s ideas or expectations. Glen Brittle is a large valley located in the south of the Isle of Skye in the magical land of Scotland. The valley runs south to north along the River Brittle and the valley is also watched over from the east side by the formidable, high mountains of Cuillin, in Skye. Due to this river, which runs around these mountains into the valley, the wonderful waterfalls known as Fairy Pools exist, turning this glen into a real fantasy world. Also, because of the high peaks of the Cullins, this destination is very popular for those who enjoy hiking and mountain cycling.

Next to the valley, travellers and tourists can find two villages to shelter, rest and stay at night: Glenbrittle and Bualintur. If you like camping, then you can enjoy staying at Glenbrittle campsite since it is also the most popular choice of accommodation, very close to a sandy beach and a grocery shop, and a very good point to start walking up the Cullins mountains.

Picture © Credits to Susanne Neumann

The Fairy Pools...

The Fairy Pools (yes, pools of fairies, a fascinating spot where lots of Gaelic legends come from) are located in the heart of the glen. According to the Gaelic culture, the world is full of magical beings, and some of them live under this crystalline water that runs through the glen. And when you see these pools, you can definitely picture the legends and understand why. The Fairy Pools are a natural waterfall phenomenon, and the vivid greens and blues of the pools suggest an unnatural origin. The landscape is rocky and it’s home for many animals like red deer, rabbits, and sheep. This is the perfect place for walking around and enjoying the magic of nature, and you can also go for a swim – though the water is pretty cold as you can imagine.

Picture © Credits to MarcelloLand

Glen Brittle is one of the most wonderful places in the Isle fo Skye, and it is the perfect destination for those who seek different, magical landscapes – a valley full of beauty that is very popular among hikers and cyclers. It was thought to be the home for magical creatures like fairies and elves according to the Gaelic legends and I think the reason is quite obvious.

Swim in fairy pools in Isle of Skye
Swim in fairy pools in Isle of Skye
Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye IV47 8TA, UK

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