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Gobustan – the first human residence

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Travel Tips For Qobustan

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If you are in love with history then Gobustan, the most ancient site in Azerbaijan is highly recommended to visit.

Gobustan is located only 60 km far from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. It is one of the most ancient residence of human beings that should be considered as where the history begins. Basically, the place consists of a hill and a mountain site in the southeast of Caucasus range. Because of the rock art images, ancient engravings and other various elements, which present ancient human lifestyle, the area was declared as a Gobustan National Park or Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape.

In this magnificent reserve of historic monuments, you can find around 6,000 rock engravings, which were drawn on the mountains named Boyukdash, Kichikdash, Jingirdagh and belong to thousands of years ago. While observing the national park, the most fascinating things that you can find are the caves that were one of the first human settlements in the world history. The cave walls are covered with the images of different actions such as hunting, dancing and other aspects of daily lifestyle.

Besides the national park, there is also a museum that offers a chance to have deeper information about the historical background of the place. Visitors are able to get information about natural environment of Gobustan and archeological discoveries that have been done here. There is also a place called “time travel” which allows you to observe essential historical events that took place in Azerbaijan from the period of dinosaurs till today.

Apart from all the things mentioned, Gobustan has an extraordinary musical instrument called Gaval Dash. This is a huge rock, which makes a beautiful music by beating on it and it is used in traditional rhythm music of Azerbaijan.

If you are curious to see a place of great historical significance, then plan your tour to Gobustan.

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