Grad Grad – the biggest Slovenian castle with a unique name

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The Grad Castle, which is said to have 365 rooms, is the biggest castle in Slovenia, but that is not the only thing that makes this building so special. The castle’s original name in Slovenian is Grad Grad, which is translated to “Castle Castle” and creates a unique name for this cultural memorial of Slovenia. The location of Grad Grad is also interesting, as it is located on top of a hill in Goričko, in a village with the name Grad.

A brief history

It is not precisely known in which year the Grad Grad was built, but we can already find mentions of it dating back to the 13th century, which makes its history very long and rich. The castle had many different owners and residents during different historical periods. It was also a hiding place for the Soviet soldiers during the World War II and was left completely abandoned when the war ended.

So many things to do

Since the year 1995, Grad Grad was in the phase of renovation which was finished in the year 2006. The freshly renovated castle is equipped with rooms on the ground floor, which are dedicated to the craft workshops. There are many halls in the castle, each with its name and offering many different activities. There are interesting exhibitions that you can have a look at, or you can visit the castle gallery, which offers occasional art and science collections. You can discover the interesting dark dungeons and cellars underground as well. A souvenir shop is also located inside, and there is a small fee to enter the castle.

A beautiful English style garden filled with tulips and various kinds of trees is spread around the castle, and there is also a wedding hall available. You can really experience the spirit of history and spend the night at the castle in one of the four bedrooms, each equipped with its bathroom, whereas no television or other electrical devices are available.

When visiting the unique Grad Grad, you can also take a trip to the Island of love on Mura river. Or maybe you want to spend a fun and relaxing day in one of the numerous spas in the area, that offer many outdoor pools where you can get a little refreshment in the hot summer days. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the biggest Slovenian castle, which name will definitely stick in your mind for a while, and the beautiful landscape surrounding it.

Grad Grad, Slovenia
Grad Grad, Slovenia
Grad 191, 9264 Grad, Slovenia

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