Gran Canaria; Playa del Ingles, the island’s top touristic resort

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As mentioned previously, last month I had the chance to visit probably one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever been. While looking for a break away from the city’s noisy reality, I booked a trip to Gran Canaria, the island of the permanent sunshine.

Gran Canaria gets an average of 320 sunny days every year while the average temperature even in winter reaches the 24-25 degrees. The island is located about 200 kilometers from the coasts of Africa at the border between Morocco and Western Sahara, so yes, it is fairly called the island of the eternal summer and yes the temperatures are normally that high! With a dramatic variation of terrain, ranging from the green and leafy north to the mountainous interior and desert south, Gran Canaria is a place definitely worth-visiting.

After having already suggested the unique bike tour that stole my heart while in Canarias, as well as my desert-like experience in Maspalomas dunes, I guess it’s time to get back to the touristic track and suggest a place that combines everything you need for a few days of relaxation.

Playa del Ingles- Gran Canaria's most famous holiday resort

Playa del Ingles
Playa del Ingles
Playa del Inglés, Spain

If you have only booked a short holiday of 2-3 days without planning to move much, and you’re looking for a place to relax while spending your free time at a dreamy beach surrounded by restaurants, resorts & bars, then Playa del Ingles is the place to be.

Playa del Inglés beach is one of Gran Canaria’s most famous resort beaches. Located in south Gran Canaria, it's almost three kilometres of golden sand and calm waters that in the end lead to the unique Maspalomas dunes. Along the beach you find service areas and places for sports such as volleyball and beach football and it is considered an ideal location to spend a family day on the beach. The “English beach” as it is literally translated from Spanish, offers sand by day and pubs and clubs galore by night.

Known as a fun-and-sun resort, Playa del Ingles can be characterised of high-rise hotels, shopping malls and fast-food restaurants. Created in the 1960s on, what was up to that point, barren land - it is now a tourist hyper-centre and famous throughout Europe. Huge commercial centres, such as Yumbo can be found around the area, while local restaurants and resorts offer unique and traditional Canarian food.

While staying around the area I’d say that you can actually move almost everywhere on foot. The distances from the beach to the restaurants, to the resorts or to the commercial centres are actually quite small, so it’s definitely manageable exploring the island while walking! It’s a place recommended too, if you’re travelling with family since its facilities are children-friendly, while at the same time there are also multiple hotels organising events just to keep your kids entertained!

What are you waiting for? Visit Gran Canaria and enjoy the island’s eternal summer!

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